• Bully to Buddy Posted in: Monster - I'm excited to be working with Carolyn Higgins on a project called From Bully to Buddy.  Here is a link to the website.
  • Holding one of my books Posted in: Monster - Holding one of my books feels amazing.  I feel like I have accomplished something.  It was a lot of work, and it feels good to know that it is finished.  A lot of people worked long hours to make it possible.  I would like to say thanks to Emma, Leslie, Betts and my mom, because without Continue Reading
  • Why Did I Create Monster? Posted in: Monster - When I started to kindergarten, I loved school.  I met my best friend, Greyson. One day, a boy in my class started calling me stupid.  He did this every day at lunch, recess and sometimes when the teacher wasn't watching.  He tried to get me into trouble.  I thought it would stop when I started Continue Reading
  • The Beginning of Monster Posted in: Monster - At bedtime, my mom would come into my room and sit on the side of my bed. She would ask me to tell her a story about my little monster.  I would tell her and she would say to me, “these stories would make great books.”  I never thought that one day I would actually Continue Reading